Mananam Book Club

The Mananam Series of books are the brainchild of Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda.
The Sanskrit word ‘mananam’ means ‘reflection’. The Mananam Series of books is dedicated to promoting the ageless wisdom of Vedānta, with an emphasis on the unity of all religions. Spiritual teachers from different traditions give us fresh, insightful answers to age-old questions so that we may apply them in practical ways to the dilemmas we all face in life.

The Mananam team is happy to provide another forum for reflection through the Mananam Book Club. Everyone is invited to register and participate in the online Book Club. The selection of the Mananam book will be made by the Mananam Book Club team. The Book Club will be coordinated under the guidance of Swami Ishwarananda by Mananam Team sevaks. The only prerequisite to attending the Book Club is to read the book prior to the start of the Book Club. The book club will be further enhanced with participant feedback.

Book Club Meeting Date:
Oct.24th, Nov.7th and Nov.21st 2021 2pm (PST)

Mananam book:
Egocentric to Ecocentric: From Conflict to Coexistence

For any questions on Mananam Book Club Email:

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